Bank or Prank Slots

Bank or Prank could be based on anything from a game show theme to one involving the stuffy and rather dull world of banks. Of course, since this is a slot game, chances are we are going to get something rather different from that.

In truth, Stake Logic’s Bank or Prank slot looks very appealing. You will see a stuffy-looking bank manager, a grinning jester, and a bag or two of cash on the reels. However, what else can you expect to find?

Reels and lines

There are five reels built into the classic exterior of an old building. Rather than adding lines to those reels, Stake Logic has gone for 243 win ways instead.

Coin values

Bets are decided by choosing an amount to wager on every spin. This means the minimum you can play with is 40 cents and the most is $40.

Bank or Prank special symbols

There is a gold coin in the game, and since it has WILD on it, that is the role it must play. it doesn’t appear everywhere though, instead restricting its appearances to reels two, three, and four. Three special icons won’t be replaced by the wild but everything else can be. The specials are the bomb, a question mark, and a treasure chest.

Does the game include special features and bonuses?

The question marks are designed to complete the spaces shown next to reel one. The treasure chests do the same for the spaces next to reel five. The bomb comes into play by removing one of your collected items if it should appear on the same row as the one collected.

If you manage to collect three of the question marks, a random prize is granted and revealed. If you get three of the treasure chests, you will enter the free spin feature. This gives you the chance to play 10 free games with wilds added to the reels to increase the potential for prizes to be won.

Download Bank or Prank today and get ready to play

Bank or Prank is an interesting slot to play. It includes features you probably haven’t seen anywhere else, although you’ll want to avoid those bombs if you can. Manage that and there could be some free games and bonus cash prizes coming your way. Avoid the bombs and go for the best prizes if you can. Will it be bank or prank for you?