Anyone who has ever gambled just a little bit will be familiar with the name Playtech and if they are not they should be. This company is the world leader in providing games, solutions, financial consulting and more to do with the online gambling industry. Established in 1999 Playtech has grown from strength to strength and is now considered the world leader. This is not just because of the variety of games that they produce but also because of the quality of the games, the quality of the customer service and support and the full security that they offer in every aspect of gaming. Playtech pays attention to detail on every aspect whether it is support for the casino that is using its games or support for the individual player. Today Playtech is traded on the London Stock Exchange as one of the top premium companies, a testament to its fabulous grounding.

The Leader in Innovations

Playtech is a leader in innovations, it provides gaming solutions for multi channels known as omni-channel gambling. This includes online, instant access gaming and mobile gaming. All of the gambling is regulated and each game and casino that originates from Playtech is licensed and approved by the local authorities. The technology used by Playtech is state of the art with some of the most advanced systems in the world being used by Playtech including their very own POP, Playtech Open Platform and their IMS, Information Management Solutions. With over 5000 employees around the world in 17 different locations Playtech has a true global coverage. Playtech provides games in all areas of online gambling and also has entered the sports betting field.

The World Leader in Online Gambling

Playtech offers casino games and solutions, sports betting, virtual sports, poker rooms, live dealer games, bingo games and even retail opportunities. It is considered to be the leader in every aspect of the online and mobile gaming world. One of the nicest things about Playtech is that they are approachable in ever aspect. Players at a standard online casino can even contact Playtech if they have an issue with a game or even can think of a way to improve or add to the game. The beauty of Playtech is that it is a gaming solution for everyone, the man on the street, the start up casino and the established casino. With over two decades of experience, this superb software producers and creator or gambling solutions and financial trading has become the leader in the world and this is with good reason, as has been proved time and time again by their creativity and attention to detail.

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