Birthday Slots

We’re not sure of the answer to that, but we are certain everyone is ready to celebrate. There is a bull making an appearance here behind the bar, ready to serve three bottles of champagne on ice. Yes, it’s a bull. He is well dressed, but he does still look a bit out of place. The Birthday title of the slot is obvious enough, but the game gives us another look at the bar where the celebrations are clearly taking place.

The five reels are each taken up by four icons, and you will see drinks, roses, a birthday cake, and balloons on those reels. You can also look out for a golden gift – and this really is a gift too, because it is labeled as a wild icon. If you manage to secure a few of those on the reels, you could end up netting some nice surprises.

The game gives you the chance to score some Happy Spins too, which is a little different from free spins but amounts to much the same thing. As if to confirm the difference, another glance at the game information reveals you can look forward to free spins as well. Oh, and how about some respins too? Yes, you get three variations here and that is one of the most appealing things about this game. Will it deliver enough for you to enjoy as you play the Birthday slot?