Week 3 Round up News

It’s been quieter in the world of slots this week compared to how January 2019 got underway. Don’t be fooled, though – we guarantee there are plenty more excellent slots on the way. This week also brings us some excellent releases that prove quantity is made up for in quality! Will any of these be your preferred options for the week?

It’s time to attend the Buster Hammer Carnival!

What a name, which comes from Chance Interactive. It sounds like we are in for a carnival atmosphere here, something that is confirmed by the appearance of a strongman for the opening image of the game. A carousel and big wheel can be seen among other sights in the background, but what else does this game hold in store for us?

If you love big slot games, this is certainly one for you. Expect a 5 x 5 giant selection of reels and positions, meaning there is a lot to look for in each spin. The game provides betways rather than lines too, so to save you working out the options, we’ll reveal there are 3,125 ways you could win here. How cool is that?

Since the game is themed for a carnival atmosphere, you can guess what some of the icons might look like. Hotdogs appear here, as do tickets to enter the carnival itself. Look out for hammers, archery targets, and the strongman himself too.

One of the most interesting elements of this game is the presence of taller reels in certain situations. One screenshot reveals five reels that go eight positions high. Those appear in the free games, so if you manage to get that far, there could be some delights in store for you – especially with over 32,000 ways to win in those games! There is a Wild Striker feature, with up to five wild hammers added to the reels. This game certainly delivers more than you might imagine from a typical Chance Interactive slot.

Royal Lotus delivers yet another delightful game from Green Tube

Green Tube has released their new Royal Lotus slot this January, to see us through the dark and cold months of the year. It is a bright Oriental-style slot with many familiar icons popping up during play. The 5 x 4 format provides ample room for lots of varying symbols to appear in each spin.

Since the game mentions a lotus flower as part of the title, you won’t get a surprise if you see a lotus flower on the reels. Well… you might do, depending on how many appear. They are wild and can trigger some neat prizes if you can line a few up, as well as being substitutes for other icons. This 50-line slot won’t bring too many surprises in tow, but it does hold some appeal for players who love this theme.

Kalamba Games reveals more about the Machina

This title would suggest that machines – and possibly robots – are coming into the theme. It would be right, too, as we get to grips with a six-reel game where each reel gives us four icons to look for. There are three jackpots to be won, 4,096 ways to win prizes, and a futuristic feel we think plenty of players will love.

While we said there was a chance of seeing four symbols per reel, that can increase to six per reel. It certainly keeps you on your toes when you’re looking at the various options here. All your controls are below those reels, so you can easily adjust your bets to suit you.

Look out for the wild – saying that and no more – and for the chance to win some free games. Kalamba Games has given you four options to choose from here, giving you greater control over how to play the game. Watch out for collect symbols and Machina symbols too. There is a chance to win further free games after the first batch, thereby making things even more entertaining. Are you ready to meet Machina?

Playtech goes head to head with a Big Bear

Will you do the same? This title isn’t too revealing, other than leading us to expect a giant bear will soon appear. There are lots of animals on the reels here, although they appear over a greenish and indistinct background. In this five-reel, 243-ways to win game, a grizzly bear does indeed appear. Would you guess it was the wild icon? It cannot replace the scattered icon bearing the bear’s paw print, but everything else is fair game – so to speak. The wild only ever appears on the second and fourth reels.

Big Bear is another of those games that lets you decide how to play your free games if you are lucky enough to win them. You can work out whether you want 10, 15, or 20 free games, each time getting varying multipliers on certain wins. The more spins you want, the lower the multipliers on offer will be. You also get a Hold and Extra Spin Feature as part of the fun. It is this kind of feature that makes a good game into something quite special. Try it today to see if it feels special to you.

Go in search of some Lucky Symbols, aided and abetted by BF Games

If there is one thing you will hope for when playing slot games, it is the appearance of some lucky symbols. So, to find a slot with that chosen as the title could be good for you.

Lucky Symbols has been released by BF Games this week, and it is clear from the start that the game has an Asian feel. Expect lots of golden symbols, some ornate fish, and maybe a turtle or two! Aside from those, gold coins, Chinese symbols, and frogs can also show up. It feels like a game with plenty going on, even though there are only three reels here as part of a 3 x 3 format.

That format does deliver lots of paylines though… 27 in total. You can expect to see a chance to win some free games too, but to do that you must find three of the Chinese letters mentioned above. That will bring you 15 free games – generous considering the size of the game itself. While there is nothing here you won’t have seen before, we think Lucky Symbols has plenty of charm. And if you love that, you’ll certainly want to try it out.

Desert Cats are revealed in an unusual new game from WMS

A golden cat wearing jewels for a kind of headdress isn’t something you see every day. However, that’s the sight that awaits you in Desert Cats, even before the game begins to load. When it is ready to play, get ready for a game that looks very different from most others around today. This time, WMS has gone for a 7 x 4 format – yes, that’s right, seven reels. Could this be a big hit based on that element alone?

The ancient Egypt theme can be spotted in the presence of pharaohs, cats, and much else here, including the famous ankh. The desert cat seen in the opening image can also appear on the reels over several positions at once. Could it appear in a 2 x 2 form to grace you with its presence? Other symbols may also appear larger than they usually would, which makes every spin potentially more entertaining than usual.

Another feature of the game involves red gems. No doubt you’ve played several slots featuring gems of one color or another. However, this one gives a special role to those red gems. Finding between six and 10 of them will trigger one of five jackpots to be won. These range from 10x your total triggering bet to 2,000x your total bet. Whichever one you scooped – if you could be that lucky – would be very welcome, we suspect. We hope you are that lucky if you play the new Desert Cats game today.

Pragmatic Play saddles up for some fun in Mustang Gold

You can always count on Pragmatic Play to deliver the fun in huge amounts in every new slot game they come up with. Mustang Gold has not counteracted that tradition. If you know your stuff, you can guess the Mustang part of the title relates to horses. Even if you didn’t know that, the two that appear in the image you see on loading the game are a giveaway!

Many slots from this developer have some interesting elements that keep them from being formulaic. If you are familiar with Pragmatic, you’ll recognize the usual easy to use controls under the five reels of the game. You also get four jackpots above those reels, so watch out and see if you might get an opportunity to bring one of those home. It sure would be nice.

The campfire brings you a chance to collect scatter prizes if it appears over the three middle reels of the game. The logo is used as a wild. Those are the two most important symbols. You will also hope to enter the Jackpot Reveal Bonus Game, where those four jackpots of varying amounts can be won. Start looking for horseshoes and find out which jackpots they are hiding…

Line up a Coin Coin Coin in the new Playtech slot game

Playtech sure has been busy this week. We have a new Oriental slot here to play from them, featuring a nice five-reel format against a largely red backdrop. Expect lanterns, gold coins, and other familiar symbols to appear as well.

10 paylines are presented in ornate fashion along the sides of the outer reels. Look for the dragon to appear there. That gold coin – the one appearing on its own with a square hole in the middle – will be the most important icon of all. Not only is it wild, it expands on its reel as well. As if that wasn’t enough, it will cause the jackpot to be paid if it provides a five of a kind win.

That’s about all you can look forward to in this game. It is, however, a solid game with lots of fun to be had. Will you get the better of Coin Coin Coin?

Look for some Fruits Deluxe in a tasty-looking new game

Fruits Deluxe brings up the rear in our new slot collection this week. Released by Spinomenal, you just know this is going to be worth checking out. Fruity games aren’t exactly hard to find but could this be one of the better games of this type around today?

The format is nothing new – five reels provide space for three symbols on each. You can expect the famous cherries to appear here, this time as wild symbols. That’s great news, but you can find far more than that in store as well. Watch out for gold bells and bar symbols alongside the other fruity symbols, not to mention the bonus icon that looks a lot like a reel too.

The game has a modern look to it, giving us a chance to see how the prizes pan out across 25 lines rather than just one, as you’d see in other games. The slot also gives us a shot at spinning a wheel, with multiple spins possible to try and win free games and multiplier values. Speaking of multipliers, they can show up on any win, so that can potentially deliver bigger prizes throughout. Extra wilds can also appear if you are lucky. Could you be that lucky while enjoying the base game?

To find your way through to the bonus wheel, you must light up a bonus symbol on each reel. Doing that will bring the chance to spin the wheel itself. Who knows how lucky that wheel could be for you in Fruits Deluxe?