Great Escape Artist Larry Linguini Слотс

Larry Linguini… hey, isn’t that the name of some pasta? It is, but it looks as though Larry may just have sold his soul to the devil, as the opening scene in this unusual slot game reveals.

The Great Escape Artist: Larry Linguini gives us a twist on the traditional magic-themed slot you might have expected. Indeed, he is arguably not a magician at all. The game takes place on a stage where Larry himself might appear during play. What else should you expect? Let’s see, shall we?

Reels and lines

There are five reels in action, each with four icons in place. There are 50 lines here too, giving you plenty of potential for wins.

What could you bet on Great Escape Artist Larry Linguini slots?

This is not a game for the faint of heart. You can go no lower than 25 cents per line here. That means the smallest bet is $12.50 per spin. The biggest is massive, at $6,250!

Does the game have special symbols?

A cross-eyed skull with the Great Escape Artist Larry Linguini message around it appears here as the scatter. You need three or more to trigger the bonus – we’ll come to that shortly.

Larry himself, chained and immersed in a tube of water, appears over an entire reel as the wild symbol. We hope he can hold his breath – he looks like he might be there for a while!

Are there bonuses to trigger?

Fancy winning some Escape Free Spins? We thought you might. Three scatters will reveal 10 of these to play. Whenever Larry partially appears on a reel in these spins, he will move to fill the whole thing. There is also the chance to retrigger the spins by finding three more scatters.

Download and play the Great Escape Artist Larry Linguini slot now

The devil occasionally appears over the image of Larry stuck in his tube. The game certainly has a mysterious and dramatic feel to it, giving you the chance to get into it far more than you may otherwise do. There is depth here you don’t always see in a slot game and it is good to see. The appearance of the devil isn’t too scary, thanks to its basic form, but we do wonder how long Larry will be in this pickle for. Good luck, Larry!