Playtech Launch Arcade Style Game Cash Blox

Playtech Launch Arcade Style Game Cash BloxCash Blox is a brand new game bought to you by Playtech and is available in many of their online casinos right now. It's fun and it sure is random! Cash Blox allows you to win cash prizes for lining up blocks of different shapes, a little like Tetris. The two big differences are that by playing Cash Blox you can earn cash and you cannot change or manipulate the way the blocks fall, so it's much more random. As you build lines of blocks they pay out then explode giving more space so that other blocks can fall. However you have to be careful because as soon as a block falls outside of the grid then it's game over!

How to Play Cash Blox

To start with you select the bet amount by simply adjusting the bet button, and this amount is shown in the stake field. Once done just hit that start button. The pay table lets you know how much you get for each line and payouts depend on how many lines you form. Should you form two lines then the pay out doubles, three is triple and four means you get a quadruple pay out. When you form two or more lines with just one block dropping and they are not on consecutive rows then they will be paid as single line wins. The blocks just keep on dropping and the more lines you create the more you get paid, and as soon as you reach the top and the game is over, all winnings are switched back to your account. The pay outs are obviously more when you keep hitting the triple and quadruple lines and one single game can pay out some healthy amounts. There's also a bonus block thrown in. This is a multi-colored block and when you complete a line using this then you are awarded ten free plays. Cash Blox also has a cool auto play feature and you can set the amount of times you wish to play on the bounce! It's also possible to set the play to a slower mode which will make the blocks fall slower. It's a little different and plenty of fun and should you be a fan of Tetris then you'll love Cash Blox.