Cryptologic to Create More Super Hero Slots

Canadian gaming company Amaya took over Cryptologic a while ago and since that the products available have kept on coming, offering the same, if not a touch better standard of online games. Before the deal took place, Cryptologic had entered into an agreement with Warner Bros allowing them to use the DC Comics super hero's as main characters and themes for many of their online slots. They've made the most of the deal and released games such as Superman, The Green Lantern, The Flash and Wonder Woman and now the decision has been made by new owners Amaya to take the deal a step further by adding to the super hero portfolio. This means that Amaya will now become the sole provider of these games and is planning on a whole new bunch of releases for both PC and the mobile market. It appears that there will not be a super hero that doesn't get to make it to online gaming world and plans for The Justice League, Supergirl, Catwoman and Poison Ivy all in for a makeover. There's also plans top create themes of some of those villains that we just love to hate, such as The Joker and Lex Luthor.

Great Quality and Super Themes

The stunning graphics of the DC Comic styled games make them extremely popular with players all over the world and the instantly recognizable characters do nothing but enhance the popularity. Alain Brosseau who heads up product strategy for Amaya says, “We are excited that the DC Comics comic book design will continue to be part of our pay-to-play online product development plan.” Amaya believe that the themed slots create a larger player base, as people who would not normally play slots are interested to see what the hero's look like on a slot. These new online slots will certainly be worth looking out for, and if the existing games are anything to go by then slots players around the globe are in for a special super hero sized treat.