Mermaid’s Tale Slots

And do we mean the tail or the tale? We do of course mean the tale, as in the story told in this game. But since mermaids do have tails, we had to check! Green Tube has been busy just recently, and this is one of the slots we now have available to play, thanks to their efforts. The image for the game features a mermaid, of course, and the logo appears on an ornate shell. But will the early promise of this game fizzle out or spark a desire to give the game a try?

The game uses a formulaic arrangement of five reels and 20 lines, so that familiarity is nice to have as you start to play. You can expect to see a wild pearl in a shell in this title, and according to one of the promotional images for the game, it can appear in huge format. We saw it spread over a four-reel space, occupying 12 spaces!

The wild is the main feature in this game, but its power to appear in larger form than you might expect is the clear bonus here. While Mermaid’s Tale won’t be complex enough to please everybody, we think many people will enjoy what they find here.