My Casino Coupons

Any players at Jackpot Capital Casino need to take the time to get to know the My Coupons tool before they get started playing at the casino. This powerful feature gives gamblers the ability to choose the coupon that they like the best and then start working toward that coupon goal. The tool is simple to use, makes it easier than ever to redeem powerful promotions at Jackpot Capital and make the casino more user-friendly overall.

Using the Tool

My Coupons is simple to use and takes only a few minutes to get started. Simply enter your account information and date of birth to log into the tool. From there you can see your chosen promotion if you have one. If you don’t you can choose the promotion that you want to use. From there you simply check the page to see how your progress is with the promotion you are most interested in. Do that and you’ll be able to track the promotion and find out when you are due to receive it as you play on the casino.

How it Works

My Coupon is simply a tracking tool for the different promotions offered at Jackpot Capital. Players use the tool to select a promotion and then track the progress toward unlocking the rewards of that promotion. IF you’re interested in using the tool just choose a coupon and start tracking how far you are to completing that coupon and receiving all the rewards from it along the way.

One Coupon at a Time

My Coupons works by allowing players to pick and choose a single coupon to work on at the casino. Once the players have selected their desired coupon they can immediately start working toward the requirements of that specific coupon. The tool will track their progress and inform the player of how much is left to go to finally unlock that powerful coupon and benefit from it as much as possible.

Check Back Frequently

Players that are making use of My Coupons to track their promotions at Jackpot Capital are encouraged to check back about once every hour to see how they are working toward their current coupon. The platform updates once and hour and players that want to see where their coupon progress is heading can easily remain up to date by looking at that interval. Players that want to look information up less frequently can still see helpful updates, but players that want updates more than every hour won’t be able to see any changes until the following hour.

My Coupons is a powerful tool that makes playing at Jackpot Capital casino even more enjoyable. Few other casinos offer as comprehensive of a tracking service for their promotions and many players are left wondering if they’ve met the requirements for a particular promotion or not. That’s no longer an issue with this helpful tool.