Slot Sequels

Have you ever loved a slot game so much you hoped the developer would release a sequel? We’ve all been there, and some of us have gotten the chance to play those sequels as well.

But we all know how difficult it can be to create a sequel that is at least as good as the original game. It’s like the movies – will the sequel be little more than a disappointment?

Let’s check out some of the elements you’ll see if you play some sequel slots.

Some stick closely to the winning format, while introducing new elements

Some developers don’t stray too far from what made the first slot game a success. The best example of this comes from Cash Bandits and its sequel, Cash Bandits 2. The famous vault feature is included in both – they could hardly release the sequel without it. The original vault offered up to 90 free games with a 12x multiplier. But they went one better with the sequel – well, actually a lot better. Here, you get up to 190 free games with a 17x multiplier at best.

Some try to go beyond the original format – with good or bad results

Some developers like to try and create a sequel that will be bigger, bolder, and better than the original game. This often means straying away from what made the first game a success. For example, it might feature the same characters, but you could end up with a completely different game that doesn’t quite match the standard of the original.

Some use the same theme but try something different

Fluffy Favourites has long been a popular slot for players to enjoy. There are sequels now too, including Fluffy Too and Fluffy Favourites Mega Jackpot. All are based around the original theme, but each one has its own twist. If you were a fan of the original game, you will likely be a fan of the rest in the series as well – and that is what the developer Eyecon is relying on.

Some sequels are going to be better than others. We think Cash Bandits and its sequel is the best example of how good these can be. However, there are plenty of examples of sequels that haven’t hit the heights of the original. We’ve all got our views of what works and what doesn’t. Which sequels do you enjoy playing?