Monster Jackpots At Drake Casino

We do love a big jackpot prize to try and win. However, three monster jackpots sound like a good deal to us. Imagine the chance to win one of three life-changing amounts. We guess you would leap at the chance to do that, wouldn't you? If you do want to know more, the place to head for is Drake Casino .

Most casinos try to get your attention on a few things when you land on their home page. However, Drake Casino does it in a way we think you will appreciate. Right below the information on their great welcome bonus (which offers up to 540 free spins if you'd rather claim that instead of a percentage bonus), you'll see the jackpots.

When we looked at those jackpot amounts, we saw the current total was $19,867 for the Super Slots Jackpot. Meanwhile, the Cash Grab Jackpot stood at $1,723. Still a nice amount if you can win it, right? Finally, the third jackpot is known as the Mystery Jackpot. This stood at $5,782 when we last looked. Those amounts are subject to change as more bets are placed on the games that are linked to the jackpots. However, if you become a member of Drake Casino and check out the relevant games, you will stand a chance of winning one. Let's hope your luck holds!