Mayan Goddess Slots

We can thank High 5 Games for introducing us to this goddess, who appears in all her finery in the title image for the Mayan Goddess slot game. That tells us who she is and which era she comes from, but we can discover very little else about the game until we give it a try. One interesting thing about it is the appearance of the five reels. While we do indeed get five reels in play, there is a different quantity of icons per reel. So, you get three, four, five, four, and three to look at, providing a diamond-style format.

There are some appealing icons to look for as well in the Mayan Goddess slot. Firstly, you get multiplier icons such as x3. No prizes for guessing how these will work if they help you in a win! You can also look forward to 720 ways to win on each spin.

Clearly, the game is based on Mayan civilization, and you get to search for treasures such as the unique gems that can appear on the reels. The multipliers can be added together as well, to trigger huge total multipliers that appear in the top right. Keep a close eye on that because it could influence the amount you are set to win on your next lucky spin!