Mr Hacker Slots

MGA has chosen a strange theme for this game, and we think it must surely be one of a kind. We cannot recall another software developer using a hacking theme to create a slot. The mask worn by the hacker might look familiar, since it is clearly based on one used in reality by some people who wish to remain anonymous. He is carrying a bag with a laptop in it, but will he lead the way to some prizes for you?

The main game features three reels, and there are nudge buttons underneath them, so there are some elements in common with traditional slot games. The hacker stands to the left of the reels, and you might see him appearing on them too. Bells, gems, and a casino fruit machine might also appear. The hacker himself is the bonus symbol, while a woman in glasses appears as the wild. The fruit machine is useful as well as you get to play a free game with three figures involved. The security camera also increases the vertical lines counter in the upper game… yes, there are essentially two games involved in Mr Hacker.

This is one game where it pays to read the rules and check out the paytable first. There is a ‘change game’ button beneath the reels of the main game, so it is simple to make the switch. However, a quick spin on the reels of Mr Hacker is the best way to figure out how everything works. This is more unusual than you might think.