What Kind Of Slot Player Are You?

That may seem to be the most irrelevant question you could ever ask. But hang on – there is a reason why we have focused on it. Knowing the kind of player you are makes it far easier to find the kinds of Slots that will be best suited to your style of play.

If you want to know more, read on.

Are you keen on winning more often?

Your level of risk will go a long way towards helping you work out which slots you should play. Each slot is known by its volatility level – high, medium, or low. Low volatility games are those where you can win lots of smaller prizes quite frequently, but the bigger ones come far less often. Turn that on its head and you get the high volatility games, with the remainder fitting in somewhere in the middle.

Do you like to bet large amounts?

Most slots have large maximum bets, but this might be $50 in one game and over $1,000 in another. Similarly, the lower end of the betting stakes can differ hugely too. You might be a conservative player who likes nothing better than the Penny Slots . Conversely, if you have a bigger bankroll, you may think nothing of playing for far larger sums with each spin.

Do you enjoy lots of special features?

For some players, the simpler the game is, the better. For others, the main aim will be to find the games offering a complex mix of special features and Bonus Slots es. Others will like a mix of both.

If you know which games you like best, you can find other titles that provide a mix of those elements. We love nothing better than playing a 3D Slots slot with lots of bonus features mixed in, so we tend to prefer those whenever a new release is issued. With that said, we’ve nothing against playing the occasional three-reel slot for simplicity and ease of use either.

There are as many different slot players in the world as there are slot games themselves. Knowing what you like makes it far easier to look for the best games around today. Of course, it doesn’t hurt to switch things up occasionally either. A new type of game could just be the latest thing to shake up your preferences. It pays to be alert to new experiences, right?