3D Slots

3D slots are the newest stars of the online slots world. They offer sublime graphics and outstanding visuals that really make you feel like part of the action. There are a growing number of them and some online casinos will have them in abundance.

How 3D Slots Changed the Way We Play

Do you remember the first 3D slot game you ever played? It only seems like yesterday we were trying our first, and they have come a long way since then. A few years ago, no one could have imagined playing online slot games based around 3D graphics. They've been a huge hit though, and today you can almost guarantee every new day will bring another new release for us to try.

But how did these games change the way we play? We thought we'd take a nostalgic look back to see how it happened.

3D Made 2D Look Dull

Okay, so there are some cool 2D games out there today. We've played a few that have made the best of the 2D format to offer something new. However, you cannot deny the 3D imagery makes it far easier to enjoy a game. There is more depth, of course, and that's what appeals most. A 2D game arguably must do much more to earn the interest of a passing player. Not all of them manage to do that.

A Slot Game Can Become an Experience When You Try It in 3D

3D games are always top of our list of favorites to play. When they are done well, they provide a more immersive experience. They also give rise to the chance to play some great bonuses. We've noticed there are plenty of Betsoft 3D slots that have two or more bonuses involved in them. Try some of those - you'll soon see how entertaining they can be.

3D Leads to Virtual Reality

This was the next natural step, and we have seen this occur with Gonzo's Quest. Originally created as a 3D slot by NetEnt, Gonzo's Quest was very popular to start with. As such, it provided a good base for them to start from. The virtual reality (VR) version has been successful with those who have the capability to try it. You need the headset, of course, but if you have it, we'd recommend you try it.

One final piece of advice if you're going to dive into some 3D slot game play. Make sure you set a budget before you begin. Make sure too that you only have that amount available to play with. If not, you may find you end up so immersed in the game you blow your budget without realizing.

Our Favorite Casinos with 3D Slots