Monopoly Mega Movers Slots

If you have played other Monopoly games, or you're just a fan of the original board game, here's a chance to enjoy the latest Monopoly slot game. It's called Monopoly Mega Movers, and the little guy with the white mustache and top hat is featured in the logo. But what happens on the reels themselves, and will you stand a chance of winning anything here?

Well, this is one game that takes on a different appearance. For starters, it uses a 5 x 4 format, so the reels are busy with each spin. You can expect to see the game pieces appearing, along with the man himself. There are also three dials slowly spinning above the reels, labeled for three, four, and five of a kind respectively. You will also see five different amounts next to piles of Monopoly money on the right of the reels. There is an Extra Bet feature here too - to activate it requires an additional bet, but it brings in yet more features to enjoy.

Monopoly Mega Movers can be played as a demo version. That's a good idea as it gives you a chance to get used to its many features, not to mention whether you want to play the Extra Bet feature for real. If you like the original game, this is one of many Monopoly-themed online slots you can try today. Will you be successful in this property empire?