Monte Magic

A colorful classic slot offering some very special features, Monte Magic Slots has a magician’s theme. With 3-reels and 1-payline, this is where the similarity ends as far as traditional slots are concerned. This slot has more to offer than other straightforward slots in this genre. Thus, we invite you to play Monte Magic Slots at our top online casinos for US players.

Game Facts

A 3-reel, 1-payline bonus slot, Monte Magic Slots has a jackpot worth 2400 coins. The coin sizes range from one cent to 20 cents, and is ideal for beginners and/or classic slot enthusiasts alike. The pay table, located at the top of the slot machine, outlines all the possible combinations and payouts, as well as the special features when you bet the max of three coins.

Can You Pull the Rabbit Out of the Hat?

Perhaps you can when you play Monte Magic Slots. The symbols are unlike any you’ve seen and perfectly reflect the slot game’s theme. The symbols include: any one magic wand, any two magic wands, three magic wands, single stars, double stars, triple stars, rabbits, and magic hats. Note that when you bet the max, the jackpot increases by 800 coins. The Magic Hat symbol is the wild symbol and also has a multiplier attached to it. It will substitute for all other symbols to form winning combinations. The Magic Hat doubles the payout for any win where one hat appears, and when two hats appear will payout 4xs your bet. The rabbit is the bonus symbol.

Bonus Round

As long as you bet the max of three coins and one rabbit symbol appears, the bonus round will commence. You will have the opportunity to choose three cards from a deck of 12. Each card represents a specific number of coins. After you choose the three cards, they are reshuffled and replaced by one another. You will then have another opportunity to select one card from the three shown. The final card you select will tell you how much you’ve won.

Play Monte Magic Slots

You have to admit that this slot game is very different from the classic slots you’ve played. The symbols are unique, as is the bonus round. It’s so much fun to play and will keep you entertained for hours. We invite you to play Monte Magic Slots at our top online casinos for US players because it is so different from ordinary traditional slots.