What's Your Sign Slots

We guess you do already know your star sign – most people do. But the title of this slot game does suggest that it aims for that theme when entertaining anyone who wishes to play it. We’ve done just that, exploring its many features to find out whether this is the ideal game to check out.

Developer info to begin with

What’s Your Sign is one of many superb games from the annals of Wager Gaming.

Does it come with a demo?

It does, yes, so you can check it out in full detail before deciding whether this is going to be a promising game to play.

We have already revealed the theme

Yes, this is a zodiac-themed slot game, and there aren’t too many of those around, making this one well worth exploring if you get the chance.

A bright design you cannot miss

They’ve used lots of color in this one. The symbols are, of course, based around the signs of the zodiac, created in a cartoonish manner. It looks rather good and makes it stand out from the one or two other similarly themed slots we have seen.

How to play What’s Your Sign?

With all those symbols in play, we do need five reels for this one. There are no opportunities to go for a progressive jackpot, sadly. You will see a wild though, and this looks like the sun and the moon together. You can use this to stand in for almost all other symbols, except for the bonus symbol. This one bears images of all the star signs.

Can you guess the payline quantity?

You know there are 12 signs in the zodiac, so maybe it won’t be a surprise to see that quantity of paylines as well.

Wager Gaming gives us plenty of coin values

These go from one penny each to $10 each, so you have plenty of scope to find something that fits with your budget.

Paytable information

As usual, they’ve positioned the paytable to the bottom left of your screen, so you can visit that page whenever you like. We advise you to check it out before your first go of the game.

What about that bonus?

We do have a bonus symbol, so let’s find out how that works. You need three bonus icons to land in consecutive spots on the same payline to unlock the round. When this occurs, you’ll see a wheel. It spins for you, but you must decide when to stop it. when it stops, a prize is revealed. If you want to take that prize, you can... or you might decide to give it back and have another spin. With up to three spins available, which prize will you get… and could you forfeit a prize for something bigger… or smaller?

Free spins don’t show up in What’s Your Sign?

This is a shame, but we do like the bonus wheel feature.

RTP info doesn’t appear anywhere

We’ve noticed it can be difficult to find the return to player percentage for the earlier Wager Gaming titles. It looks to be true for this one as well.

Our rating: Did we like this slot game?

We did, although we found it difficult to trigger the bonus wheel. It’s a good round once you get there though. We can give this game seven points from a maximum of 10.

A five-figure top prize is available

Yes – if you can get five of those sun and moon combo icons on the same line, you’ll receive 10,000 coins. You must have played that line though, which is one reason why we suggest covering all 12 of them.

Take this slot game for a test run

This is the ideal way to work out what you think of the What’s Your Sign slot game.

Sort out your budget before you play for real

You can cover all the lines for just 12 cents at the lowest end of the budgeting scale though, which is heartening to know.

Can you find this one in mobile casinos?

It looks unlikely, as it is an older game. Check any casino you are thinking of joining, to see the availability of What’s Your Sign across all platforms.