More Magic at Magic Nights Slots

Who knows whether your nights spent playing this game will turn out to be magical? They could be if you end up finding some appealing bonuses and free spins, but until we check out the Magic Nights game in more detail, there is ample reason to see what else the game can offer.

The magical theme is obvious from the moment you catch a glimpse of the first image that depicts what is happening in this game. The moon rises in the middle of the screen, with a peaceful face shown on it. The man in the moon, perhaps? Perhaps not, but we can still see a black bird, a raven, we think, and a black cat – all symbols that are closely associated with magic.

Magic Nights is therefore a magical slot indeed, but it also comes with five reels – large ones too. The background is largely dispensed with when you load the actual game, but there are fewer paylines than you may have expected given the scope of the game thus far. Casino Technology has provided us with just five paylines here, although that makes this a superbly affordable game no matter your budget. Check out the Magic Nights game now to see if you can trigger some magical prizes with the right combos on the reels.