Real Play Vs Practice Play – Which Is Best?

Not all casinos offer both methods of play, but those that do provide you with some decision making to do. Will you always play the real play games, or should you go for some practice play instead?

Here, we look at the possibilities, and see which mode is better to play in whenever you try online slots.

Real play

Whenever you play for real, you are using real cash to bet on each spin of the reels. That means you will get a chance to win real prizes. Whatever you win in coins or credits, this will be paid into your casino balance. Remember though that real bets can also lose, so if you do lose out, you lose real cash. Hence why it is always best to have a proper budget in place that you can afford to lose. You should be playing for enjoyment as well as the chance to win something.

Practice play

When you use this mode for playing slots, you won't need to place any real bets. That means you can play even when you don't have any cash to bet with. Every game provides you with some practice cash, so you can use that whenever you want to have a go. Of course, it does mean you won't get the chance to win real money prizes. Anything won is virtual and stays in the virtual pot you are using.

Practice play is ideal for games you haven't tried before, and there are plenty of those around. Not all slots will allow you to play in this mode, but if you can, it is worth trying. It enables you to get to grips with the rules, and how a game will pan out.

So… which is best?

If you want to be in with a chance to win some cash, you must play in real play mode. However, if you simply want to play for fun, practice play will be best for you. If you are trying a new game, especially one that appears quite complex, it is always best to practice first to see what lies in store for you.

As such, both methods have their perks. It all depends what you want from a game, whether you have played it before, and whether you want to try and win real cash, or if you are in it just for the fun of it.