The Smashing Biscuit Slots

The Smashing Biscuit Slots
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You might already know the answer if you know your music. This is a punk rock band (albeit a fictional one) based on the many similar bands around in the Nineties. There are three members, all of whom are shown on the title image for the game, and they are – of course – the Biscuit brothers. But are they truly smashing? Well, that is what we are here to find out, thanks to PearFiction.

The Smashing Biscuit are shown playing in their garage to start with, before we get to meet Tiny, Crunchy, and Soggy. Yep, those are the names of the brothers. This is one fun-looking game. The game boasts five reels and these are superimposed over the interior of the garage we saw them playing in. The game has a wild, simply presented as the word over a gold background. The scatter is much the same, except it bears the pleasing message ‘free spins’ whenever you see it.

The Smashing Biscuit also has a series of multipliers at the top of the reels. Sometimes, the dad will appear in his dressing gown, holding a coffee and the remote garage door opener. He’ll press it as the reels spin, selecting a multiplier value from above. When the reels stop, any prizes you’ve won will get that multiplier applied to them. And of course, the free spins are triggered by three scatter icons, to reveal the Battle of the Bands. This takes place on a different 4 x 3 reel set for added interest. What else do you need to know to give this one a shot?

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