Be the Boss with Boss Vegas

The title is obviously a spin on Las Vegas, the seat of gambling and casinos in the USA. So, is Boss Vegas the guy in charge of the casinos, or does this slot game have something different in mind? We’ve got Spinmatic to thank for this entry into online slots, and it would seem we get to meet more than just Boss Vegas as well. The title may show us a guy with an impressive mustache – Boss Vegas, we assume – but three other men appear there as well.

The game itself may not look how you thought it might. For starters, the slot looks just like a slot machine. You even get the handle at the right side of it. The background is cool too, given that you can see some of the bright casinos and lights there, just as you would in Vegas.

The controls on this three-reel slot – yes, it is a basic game in that sense – are to the bottom of the reels and easy to understand. You will see only one line here, on which the Boss Vegas welcome sign might appear, along with the characters you saw on the welcome screen. Getting the matching symbols is your task here, just as it is in any other slot game. Word is there might be a bonus symbol here too, so we wonder where that will take us?