Boomerang Bonanza Slots

You’d expect a few boomerangs to make their way onto the reels of this slot, wouldn’t you? Does that mean we are heading for an Australian-themed slot game, or pokie, as they are known in that country? And will the boomerangs be useful to us when they appear, assuming of course they do? Let’s find all the answers we can get for this new slot.

We were right about the Australian theme, since the first image we see is a man and woman dressed to enjoy the Outback. A kangaroo appears in the background for good measure, and there is indeed a boomerang on the screen as well. But how will these appear in the game itself? You might be surprised to see there is a 4 x 4 matrix in the game – four reels with four icons per reel. That is an unusual appearance. The background takes you out into the wilds of Australia, so you can expect to see a yellow warning sign warning you of, you guessed it, boomerangs!

The kangaroo hops into play as the wild and will replace everything apart from the scattered boomerang logo and the bonus symbol. The latter is shown to say Bonus Rotation, which is an odd name, but you do get a Rotator feature triggered for any two or more bonus icons. The scatters bring free spins whenever three or more appear. With 16 lines in action over the four reels, this one looks set to be a little different from the rest.