Book of Ra Mystic Fortunes Slots

The Book of Ra has been mentioned before in slot games. However, we have never seen the Mystic Fortunes part of the title included in this. It has a dramatic feel to it that is confirmed when you look at the game and see how it works. The title screen from Novomatic, who created the game, shows you a friendly explorer with the sun setting behind him. And there seems to be a temple of some kind shown as well. Will that hold the secrets of the Book of Ra, or be the key to finding the fortunes mentioned in the title?

We have yet to find out any more about this game, since the release date is set for June 30th this year. If you can wait another month or so to play the game, it is worth doing so. The title image bodes well for introducing another great and adventurous slot, and we have seen some appealing ones from Novomatic too.

Until then, we can only dream of the adventures Novomatic might be about to take us on. We shall be watching for the launch day of this slot, and you can be sure we will be among the first to give it a try. Will you be there with us to open the Book of Ra in search of some Mystic Fortunes?