Outerspace Invaders Slots

No, not Space Invaders, but Outerspace Invaders, which we guess is much the same thing. The big question is whether these invaders will be friendly and helpful to us as we play this game or whether they have other things in mind. We shall soon find out… and if the title screen is anything to go by, these green aliens are not to be messed with!

They take on an octopus-like appearance, with tentacles and a ray gun. Yes, these invaders are armed, so we guess they are not too friendly after all. PearFiction has released a five-reel slot here, and you can expect to see the alien cropping up in some of your spins. You might also see an army general, an attractive man, a woman with dark hair, and a nervous-looking army guy. There is a bonus icon too, which appears as a radar with three alien ships on it.

The dark-haired woman is called Rachel, we learn, as she can appear as a full-column wild. The story plays out as you play the game, and you might get a chance to rescue the handsome guy too, since he has been kidnapped by the aliens. The bonus sees you shoot the aliens on the game screen, trying to get bigger multipliers to win a bigger prize by the end. You never know what is coming next when you decide to play this game, and that means Outerspace Invaders is a great game to play. Are you brave enough to meet the invaders head on?