Astro Legends Slots

You will meet them when you load this game from Foxium, but they may not be who you were expecting. We were thinking along the lines of a space-themed slot here, but we may be mistaken. A woman appears in futuristic garb, holding a keyboard guitar. Yep, those do exist! Behind her is a futuristic entity looking like it is made from cool stone or gems. We’re not sure, but he looks like he might be up for some trouble.

The game is different from many because it doesn’t have a traditional setup regarding the reels. It is more along the lines of a diamond shape, and you really should see the game to see what we mean. It is very difficult to describe but certainly grabs your attention.

The promotional video for the slot looks promising, and you might just be persuaded to play once you see it. With respins, great graphics, and interesting features with each ‘spin’ (they don’t look like spins), you might find this game becomes a new favorite for you. Astro Legends may turn out to be proper legends, but only time will tell on that one.