Fruit Tumbling Slots

Green Tube is not the best-known of slot game providers, but they do have a certain look and feel to their slots. You might spot the new Fruit Tumbling slot as coming from their stable then, and you will certainly see where the fruit element comes in. The first image you see bears the title of the game, along with 10 images of various elements that will be included in it. You can see fruits, of course, but other iconic images such as golden bells and stars, and a red seven are included here as well.

You will also see a friendly-looking joker as one of the main images in the title. Can we rely on his assistance to be a wild symbol as we play this game? We hope so, as he could prove very useful indeed if that is the case. The game turns out to have five reels and 10 lines, so it should be affordable for most people to try, regardless of bankroll.

There are no real surprises here – the game does use the joker as a wild, as you might guess, and the scatter is a gold star. If three or more stars are found, you can play 15 free games. These include an increasing win multiplier worth from x2 up to a huge x16. That alone makes it worth giving this game a try, don’t you think?