3 Dragons Slots

Unless you have never played a slot game before, there is a reasonable chance you have already tried a few that feature dragons. They are a popular addition to these games, especially since their mythical nature allows for greater leeway with the design. You won’t miss the ornate green and gold design used for the dragon appearing front and center in 3 Dragons from Casino Technology. So much so, in fact, you might miss the remaining dragon either side of the main beast.

Just as the dragons themselves are very colorful, so the five reels in action in this slot game are too. The usual controls are at the foot of the reels here, but your attention will undoubtedly be focused on the presentation of the reels themselves. The first thing you might notice is that the dragons can appear over a full reel. That looks spectacular, but of course it can also be useful in terms of finding some prizes.

This game is all set to be released in mid-June this year, so we have a couple weeks to wait yet before we get all the details. However, we can safely say the few images we’ve seen make this slot look every bit as exciting as many others we’ve seen. Will you be waiting to play this game?