Seven Wonders Slots

The title Seven Wonders does make you think of the wonders of the world, and that turns out to be the theme used here. The full title is Seven Wonders of Ancient World, so we know where we are going with this one. The pyramids appear as one of the iconic images for the title screen too, adding to the excitement building to play this game.

Capecod Gaming uses images of the Seven Wonders on the reels, and your task is to try and match them to win prizes. We spotted the Hanging Gardens of Babylon as well. Unusually, the game has an expanded wild that can replace other things, but it also has a joker that replaces other icons. The only things they won’t substitute for are the scatters – and yes, there are two of those here as well. We are being treated to a good game, aren’t we?

There is a Seven Wonders scatter and a scatter featuring a hat and compass. These grant access to one of three bonuses. You must receive five unique scatters of one or the other, or a mix of both, to trigger a relevant feature. You could play the MagicSpin Bonus, the Chests Bonus, or the Jars Bonus. What will you find within these bonus features if you manage to unlock one? There are great prizes to be won within the ancient world, so explore today and see what you can find.