Flaming Reels Slots

Would you guess the theme for this slot game is based around firefighters? We didn’t, since we have seen flaming reels in slots before, and they’ve been far from relevant to firefighters. It’s possible to be entirely literal with that flaming term! But since this is a GameArt slot, which guarantees superb graphics, do we have a treat in store?

We think we do, and you will probably agree once you see the game itself. There are 25 lines here, not fixed, and these are displayed over five reels. The wild is a firefighter’s shield, appearing on every reel except for the first one. The bonus icon, shown as a fiery image, is the only thing the wild cannot help you with. This only appears on the first three reels, so it is a good idea to familiarize yourself with the positions these symbols might appear in.

The game also has a couple features you might like to find out more about. For starters, there is a Second Chance Stack feature. This means you can try and win a prize in a different way. It features a helicopter, flaming reels, and… well, we’ll let you check out the rest! You also get the chance to trigger some free games from this feature. If you manage it, you’ll secure nine, 12, or 15 free spins. Will you get that far in the Flaming Reels slot game? Play today and find out.