Play Murder Mystery Slots

Do you enjoy trying to guess who the murderer is in a mystery program or novel? If so, make sure you check out the new Murder Mystery slot game. It was developed by Playtech – a great sign, in our opinion – and it takes on a classic feel. That’s because the opening image is one of a mustached man in a bowler hat. Is this the detective trying to crack the case? Maybe.

The game takes place on a 5 x 4 grid of symbols that appear between the gate posts of a mansion, or some similar ornate and mysterious place. It packs in a lot of features as well. There is an in-game feature called Murder Spins, and it is here that you will get to look for the murder weapon and maybe even reveal the murderer as well. Playtech has also included other elements that help build up a more appealing game. For example, you’ll see Reveal Spins, Wild Spins, Clue Hunt, and Multi Spins. Wow, we like the sound of this!

Playtech has clearly tried to develop a game that has all the features you could hope to see. There is always a chance to see stacked symbols in action, and you might also get the opportunity to play this for a while to trigger all the features. With Murder Spins taking this game to an exciting new level, don’t miss your chance to unmask the murderer in Murder Mystery slots today.