Journey to Mars Slots

Few people would ever imagine a journey to Mars would be possible in their lifetime. Maybe one day we will make it happen, but it’s not going to be anytime soon. But you can take a trip to Mars by playing this slot game, which is possible from the comfort of your home. The detail in the opening image from Relax Gaming should be enough to pique your curiosity, so let’s see what else the game has lined up for us.

The game itself seems to take place over a launchpad. We think this is on earth – it all looks too green and blue to be anywhere else. Over the top of this, you’ll see five reels, and these are packed with appropriate symbols. Think of a space helmet, a space buggy, and other similar things, and you’ll get the idea.

There are wilds on the reels, not to mention a chance to choose a trajectory to play some free games with a multiplier in tow. Your choice could affect the outcome of this part of the game, so choose wisely. The game is very nice to play, and perhaps holds more in store for you than you’d imagine at first glance. Will you take a Journey to Mars with this game?