Try Diamond Empire Slots

A Diamond Empire sounds like a lovely – if expensive – place to be, doesn’t it? But when this title is chosen for a new slot from Microgaming, it does make you sit up and pay attention. The design of the game is great, and it has a touch of old-style design about it. Look at the women on either side of the title in the logo – you can see the detail provided there.

You might be surprised to load the game and find just three reels in store for you in Diamond Empire. Don’t assume there won’t be many lines though, because the game uses a 3 x 3 format. This leaves ample room to fit in 15 paylines. That might pique your interest a little more.

The game includes two diamonds together as one symbol, with the delightful message ‘2x’ underneath them. Can you guess which role those take on? We think you will like it! There is also a bonus icon that appears as the word over the top of a colorful segmented wheel. This takes you to the bonus screen where you can spin a large version of that wheel to see what you might win. This wheel could trigger a prize worth up to 888x your bet, so watch closely to see where the wheel stops.