Joker Strike Slots

Joker Strike is the name of the game, so will this Quickspin title feature a joker as the main attraction? One does appear in the promotional image released to announce the slot game, so let's see whether he appears in the game too. The game reels - five of them - appear flat and the game takes on a different look to what you might have expected it to. There are nice versions of classic symbols, such as gold stars, lucky clover, red sevens, and so on.

The game features an obvious wild, purely since the symbol says just that. The joker has a special role to play as well, as it can trigger the Joker Strike feature. Watch the markers around the reels themselves, as you will see small symbols there. Whenever you get a three, four, or five-symbol win, you will get six, eight, or 10 symbols added to the game.

Joker Strike also features a Hi Roller option. This is purely optional, so if you do not want to use it there is no need to. If you do, there is an additional bet to be made to unlock some special features. These include guaranteed wilds, wild strikes, and a double chance feature. How will you play Joker Strike if you decide to try it out?