Gemini Slots

With the mere mention of the word Gemini, it soon becomes obvious this game is based around the star sign Gemini. This is the sign of the twins, and that sign features in the logo for the game. This is a slot from Green Tube, and we have very little information to go on right now. But when you see the game, you’ll see two sets of reels offering two four-reel formats to look at. Yes, two lots of four reels. That in itself is unusual, but since this is a Gemini slot game we shouldn’t be surprised at the twin reel format.

The game is quirky in that sense, but it is also quirky because it features the image of a standard slot game in a casino. Check it out and you will see what we mean. There are 20 win lines here, so that much is in its favor, but it uses the standard array of fruit you often see in casino games like this.

Gemini does provide a different take on this sort of game, but as a medium to low variance slot it might prove a good one to play. That means wins should come fairly frequently, although many will be of a low amount. If that sounds like something you’d enjoy, check out the Gemini slot from Green Tube now.