Lake’s Five Slots

Some slot titles are stranger than others, and the thing about this one is that it gives you no clue to what you should expect from the game. Lake’s Five refers to Mr Lake, the main character in the game. He also has a few helpful companions, and it is these companions who will assist Mr Lake in overthrowing Mr Romano. Yes, this is an interesting game with a cool title that might just give way to some intriguing features.

Lake’s Five has five reels – of course – and begins with a scene revealing the evil Mr Romano, his cunning plan, and the story behind the rest of the game. Mr Lake is a moose (yep, you read that correctly), and he is backed up by an elephant, a parrot, an alligator, a monkey, and a goldfish.

When you get into the game itself, the five reels each offer four positions on which an assortment of icons may appear. Mr Lake is the wild, and you can also expect to find some free spins on offer if you get the right trigger. The Heist Bonus Game is a delight to play, and you will spot wilds that act in different ways here as well. Lake’s Five goes beyond the title to offer a superb slot that packs in lots of entertainment.