Keystone Kops Slots

You may well have heard the Keystone Kops name somewhere before, even though they date back to the silent movie era of filmmaking. While we don’t see the original actors and black-and-white images used in the Keystone Kops slot game, we do get an updated version in glorious color. That sounds good to start with, but will this be a successful slot game, or will it be bumbling and crazy like the original cops were?

We love the cops in their car chugging along the bottom of the screen to take you to the reels at the start. You will notice various Kops appear on the reels too, and if a stack of them appear on the center reel, get ready for upgraded symbols and re-spins to see if you can win some big prizes. There are three bonuses involved in the Keystone Kops slot from IGT, not to mention a bonus game with another symbol as well.

There are snaking wilds, free spins, the chance to win a progressive jackpot… they really have shoehorned every available feature into the Keystone Kops online slot game. There are 3D elements here as well, all of which combine to make the game a delight to play. The policeman standing by the reels will celebrate with you if you win something. You’ll notice reels one, two, four, and five all have four icons on them, while the third reel has just three. Remember, watch out for a stack of Kops on that one for something special to happen!