Genius Slots

That is the big question here, and we loved what we saw from the moment it loaded. Why is that? Simply that the opening image shows the genius himself in 3D, holding the word ‘genius’ between his hands as it moves and glows. This is a great introduction, but what does the game itself hold in store for us? It is set in the lab of this great genius, who does look a little like a cross between a grandad figure and Albert Einstein! His lab assistant also appears on the reels, as do many other appropriate symbols. The wild is shown as a cog with a light bulb slotted into the top, which will replace everything apart from the scattered genius himself. Whenever three of his icons appear, you can expect to trigger a random bonus. We wonder what that might be… we didn’t manage to trigger it when we gave this game a try. Maybe you’ll be luckier than we were! Aside from those symbols, the Genius slot game also features a mystery symbol as three black triangles on a yellow background. This is a multiplier symbol, so that does provide a clue to what it might hold in store for us. Are there free spins here? It doesn’t appear so, but since the scatter triggers a random bonus, that could lead to the free spins. You never know. Give the Genius slot from Capecod Gaming a try now and see how much you can discover.