Feng Shui Kitties Slots

The mention of Feng Shui gives you an idea of what awaits you here. This Asian-themed game features two suitably Oriental-looking cats - one in gold and one in white. Aren't white cats supposed to be lucky? We hope so, since they will appear in Feng Shui Kitties. Booming Games kicked off October by releasing this slot, so it has only been available to play for a short time. Early indications tell us this could be a winner though, with plenty of people having given it a try already.

The promo video released to announce the new game does well to make it look like fun. The cherry blossom floats in the air as the video begins. You can see the 3 x 3 reel set here (yes, smaller than you might have expected) and find out more about the 8x multiplier in action. The number eight is considered lucky in this part of the world. It looks as though it could be lucky for you too.

There are free spin triggers, wilds that unlock two-way pay opportunities, and lots more as well. In fact, for a three-reel game there is much to enjoy here. They've even managed to fit in Stacked Majors, which we think is related to the high-paying cat symbols. Either way, there is lots to enjoy in the Feng Shui Kitties slot game.