Big Thunder Quad Shot Slots

Bird of Thunder Slots
October 8th… that is the date Ainsworth released two notable slot games. One is Island Princess Quad Shot (reviewed elsewhere), while the other is Big Thunder Quad Shot. This game boasts a dramatic title screen, complete with a very angry-looking gorilla showing off its teeth. Doesn’t exactly bode well, does it? Hang fire, though – this game from Ainsworth packs in more than you might think.

The familiar Quad Shot reel appears to the right side of the main five reels in this game. Ainsworth has used this feature before. It takes some getting used to if you are new to it, but if you’ve played other games featuring this, you will know what you are getting. There are various animals, shields, and drums featured in this game. The Big Thunder logo might also appear. If it does, you have seen the scatter.

Meanwhile, that mighty gorilla pops up as a wild symbol, hopefully on more than one reel in a spin. The bonus symbol should appear on the bonus reel if you want to try and win one of the four jackpot amounts picture above the reels. Yes, while this game might look quite standard, it does offer more than you’d imagine.