Glitter Charm Slots

Glitter Charm tells you a little bit about the kind of game you will be presented with here. Casino Technology has developed this one, and while it looks promising it was only released on September 25th. As such, we have yet to tell whether it will be a good title to play.

Early indications are good though, with a golden crown, gems, and a green-eyed woman on the opening screen. The screen itself reveals a five-reel slot with only five lines to bet on. There aren’t too many of those games around, but we rather like them. They give players a chance to try a five-reel slot without needing to cover lots of lines.

There are lots more gems on the reels themselves. Meanwhile, the woman you saw originally will appear as a wild – an expanding wild if she appears in the right places. This can help you put together some more wins. While this slot won’t break any records, it is solidly put together and offers some entertainment for those who want something simple to play. Glitter Charm does indeed have its charms and should be appreciated if you give it a try.