Alchemist’s Spell Slots

Magicians and alchemists… both have appeared in numerous slot games before now. So, will the new Alchemist’s Spell slot game from GamePlay deliver anything new on this front? We hope so, and the initial image we see looks promising. It shows a huge spell book, the title of the game appearing on the cover. There is a sense of magic there too, but will it offer a magical game to enjoy as well?

Loading this game produces a more unusual game screen. There is a 3 x 5 matrix in play – yes, three reels, each with five icons on them. No need to do the calculations – there are 125 betways provided with that combination. All the symbols look suitably magical, with the wild offering a better chance of helping you win a prize or two. Watch out for magical potion bottles too – these not only look good, they are worth various amounts if you can find enough of them.

That wild will replace most things apart from the golden symbol that looks a bit like an owl. This is the highest-paying icon, so it makes sense you’d need to find those on their own to win a prize. You can, however, win something with just one or more of those, rather than the three required for most icons in this game. While the game shows screens with five-icon high reels, this can change with each spin. As such, you never know what is coming next in the engaging Alchemist’s Spell slot game.