Mega Spinner Dice Slot Slots

There appears to be a mix of themes in this title, with both dice and slots mentioned. So, what can we expect from the Mega Spinner Dice Slot from GAMING1?

You do indeed get a mix of the two, with five reels and three images per reel coming into play. Most of the symbols you will see on those reels are indeed dice, displayed in various colors and with various dots and symbols on them. There is a wild here too, but this is shown as a jester’s hat, albeit one that looks like it has an evil side. Sounds odd? Check it out and you’ll see what we mean.

What of that mega spinner, though? The game has a bonus icon that displays what we think is the spinner on it. If you get enough of these, a big wheel will appear on the screen. The various segments include prize amounts and multipliers. There is also a jackpot segment to watch out for. Who knows what might happen if you get the chance to spin this? You can win points, multipliers, mega spins, and the jackpot. The video released to promote the Mega Spinner Dice Slot does a good job of it, revealing how the wild works and how you can hope to get access to that spinner. There is a bonus reel in the game too though, so things can get interesting real quick!