Iron Girl Slots

A new slot release from Play’N Go is always worth looking at in more detail. The latest title to come from their stable is called Iron Girl. The opening salvo features various characters – monsters or aliens, perhaps – and Iron Girl herself. This would appear to have an intergalactic theme, but the game itself has some familiar elements involved. There are five reels for starters, featured against a space-inspired background.

The Iron Girl of the title would seem to be a bounty hunter of sorts. She also appears as a labeled wild. The other characters featured in the introduction appear with the word ‘wanted’ against them. These are the villains of the piece. Watch for the Wild Reward above the reels too – this can be activated as shown.

The game has lots of interesting features that work well within the confines of this theme. Look out for villain re-spins, for example. The highest-paying villains to trigger a prize will remain in position for a re-spin. If more matching villains or wilds appear, the re-spins continue until this no longer occurs. If eight or more villains appear in this feature, a Bounty Bonus will be yours. Watch out for the random Iron Armour feature too, as this offers yet another perk you will want to take advantage of. Will you get the better of the Iron Girl slot and enjoy the game from Play’N Go today?