Do Rival Slots Outclass the Competition?

Hmm, a tough question, we think you will agree. Rival Gaming has been around for a few years now, and in that time, they’ve developed a huge collection of slot games. There is something in that collection for everyone to enjoy, which is obviously the point. They want to appeal to as many players as they can. But are they a step ahead of the rest?

What does Rival offer in the world of slot games?

Three-reel games, five-reel games, classic one-armed bandit fruit machines, games with stories, games with bonuses, wilds, and scatters… whatever you want to find in a slot game, Rival has something to suit.

That’s part of the magic that comes with every game developed by Rival Gaming. They have a huge selection and they try to appeal to every part of the slot gaming audience.

Their i-Slots stand out among the rest

If you like a storyline to your slot games, check out the Rival range of i-Slots. This is the quick name for interactive slots, and it tells you something about what you can expect to see when you play them.

These games have a storyline running through them, sometimes a more complex one than you might expect. These games are popular and appear in many casinos carrying Rival slot games. They are arguably among the best of their kind and deliver a superb experience that goes deeper than you may think.

Are Rival slot games better than the rest?

Of course, it’s impossible to answer this. Everyone has a different opinion; a different idea of which software developer produces the best games. However, there is no doubt Rival Gaming has produced some golden titles among the many games they have released over the years.

There’s a noticeable difference between their older games and the newest releases too. Everything has improved, and let’s face it, it was good to start with! If you want to see whether Rival slots do outclass the competition they’re facing, check out some of the titles in their back catalog now. We think you will discover a few favorites in there, no matter whether you play old or new games.

Rival Gaming has done well over the years, developing versatile slot games on many different themes. Some players count their titles among their favorites, while others might just have one or two favorites and overall prefer another developer. Where do you sit?