Fancy Fruits: Golden Nights Slots

If you know your slot games, you might recall a couple of other games under the Fancy Fruits banner. Here, though, we have Fancy Fruits: Golden Nights to look at. The same title logo appears here as it has in the past. You will see a cityscape behind it though. This appears in dull gray, although the sparkling fireworks and sky above certainly brighten things up a bit. You will also see the Golden Nights Bonus icon to the side of the title. So, do these elements combine to give us something to enjoy?

This is a five-reel game, so you might expect more than just five paylines in play. it does give more players the chance to play this one though, thanks to the limited paylines in action. Those reels feature lots of fruits, as you might guess, although we’re not sure we would call them fancy. Expect the usual fruity mix of berries, cherries, oranges, and lemons, among other things. The Fancy Fruits: Golden Nights slot also has a red seven to look for.

The main attraction here is triggered with the payment of an additional bet on each spin. This activates the Red Hot Firepot feature, which might just lead to a jackpot if you are exceptionally lucky. This co-called side game is unlocked with three treasure chests filled with gold. There is no guarantee you’ll scoop a jackpot, but the pot goes from Iron through Copper, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Jewel, and finally the Super Jewel level. Who knows how high you might go if you play this game?