Multiplayer 4 Player Slots

Multiplayer 4 Player sounds like a method for playing a video or console game. It certainly doesn’t sound like any slot game we have ever encountered. But this new release comes from StakeLogic (Novomatic), so it has a good pedigree in the slot game world. We are unsure what to make of this one, so will the title give away any clues? Released on September 1st, this might soon make an appearance at a StakeLogic casino near you.

The first thing you will notice about this game is how much like a traditional one-armed bandit it looks. There are six reels here though instead of the usual three. You can expect lots of fruity icons to appear, and hopefully some bars and sevens too, since those are among the highest-paying icons on the reels. All your controls sit at the bottom of the screen, so you shouldn’t have any issues playing this.

Multiplayer 4 Player includes 20 paylines and a Multiplayer icon on the reels as well. This can produce big wins depending on how many appear and where on the reels they show up. Add in the flashing lights you would normally see in traditional slot games and you will soon see that while this game only needs one player, it is packed with multiple opportunities to win. Unusual it may be, but Multiplayer 4 Player is more appealing to play than you might think. One final tip – only the Superbet mode will activate the wild Multiplayer icon, so you may want to consider using that if you play.