Stein Haus Slots

The title is a giveaway, let’s be honest. But this Stein Haus might be worth a visit, and since it has already been released (on September 4th this year), why not see if this new Green Tube slot has what it takes to become a new favorite for you?

This is one of those slots that doesn’t boast too much in the way of a background. However, the elements we do see appear to suggest we are in a wooden cabin – somewhere beer might just be served, perhaps? You will see kegs of beer appearing on the reels of this game, complete with the Stein Haus stamp on them. There is a friendly bargirl carrying four huge beer steins too. She looks happy, despite working hard!

The video promoting the slot looks good too. This reveals five reels, four icons per reel, a look inside the Stein Haus itself, and some wild beer steins. There is a logo bonus icon as well. This must appear three times to award the player 10 free games. Not just any free games though – on this occasion you will receive moving wild beer steins. You never know where they will end up, but it could turn out to be profitable for you. We like the look of this game, even though it is not the most complex or detailed slot we’ve ever seen. It boasts more than enough to keep you entertained with its Oktoberfest theme. Grab a beer, settle down, and give the new Stein Haus online slot game a try today.