Kamchatka Slots

This is one of those titles that gives away nothing as to the theme of the slot itself. However, the captivating image presented with the Kamchatka title is intriguing indeed. Are those volcanic pools or something else? Since they are green, the pools appearing under the title must surely be watery in nature. And just look at the sky above… this slot certainly knows how to dial up the intrigue.

The game was released on the very day we wrote this update, so little news has come to the fore about it just yet. We suspect it has yet to hit many online casinos. With that said, we can tell you it has five reels and three icons appearing on each. There are some charming animals here too, including bears and moose. Fish also appear occasionally, along with wooden-styled letters we have seen in many games already.

There is a bonus icon, helpfully labeled here, that looks like an explosion. Does that tell us much about the game? Not exactly, although Kamchatka is the name of a real peninsula in part of the Russian Federation in Asia. We guess the animals are the kind you might find if you were to visit the area. So, while this 243-ways game is charming and well presented, we have yet to discover some of the most appealing parts of the game itself. Would you give Kamchatka slots a try if you found them online soon?