Farm Yarn Slots

A yarn could be a story. It could also relate to knitting yarn. We’ve also got the mention of a farm in this slot game title from Games Warehouse, and it looks as though we’ve got a mix of all three in this game. A knitted pig and a knitted sheep appear on opposite sides of a ball of yarn in the title image. Will we see other similar features in this game too?

We’ve seen that knitted look in one or two slots prior to this one. However, this is surely the best of the lot. The background is knitted in appearance, and the cute animals and other knitted icons float over the top. You will see knitted letters and even knitted corn cobs appearing here. Very cute!

The Farm Yarn title is obvious then, but are there any special features involved with this game? There is a wild ball of green yarn available to help you get some wins in the free spins feature. The main game has a blue ball of yarn as the wild instead. There is also a Farm Yarn logo to look for. One cool feature can be seen every time you get a winning line. You will see a knotted piece of yarn appear across that line, indicating where your win occurred. This game has so many nice touches it is hard not to appreciate every single one. Finding three bonus icons will bring you the Baa Baa Cash Sheep Trail Bonus. What a name! See how many sheep will be shorn in this feature to bring you a cash bonus. Throw in the free spins and Farm Yarn is a clear winner.